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Saturday, May 26th, 2012
5:11 pm
Cuddle Party - workshop/playshop for happy peeps
everyone! find a local Cuddle Party now:



keywords: cuddle party, cuddles. cuddling, hugs, massage, etc

Cuddle Party is NOT NOT NOT about dating, sex, hooking up, etc. If you're totally confused by the idea of touch without sex... maybe you need to attend a Cuddle Party. ;-)

Current Mood: relaxed
Monday, August 18th, 2003
3:48 pm
Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
7:21 pm
Monday, July 28th, 2003
9:36 am
Monday, July 21st, 2003
1:16 pm
Today's Huglink

This one has music embedded in the page too. I guess hugs must bring out the song in people...
Thursday, July 17th, 2003
1:56 pm
Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
9:20 am
9:13 am
Welcome to everyone. Please feel free to post if you like. There are no set rules to this place yet. If you have suggestions, please shout them out. *hugs*
Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
10:57 am
Today's Huglink
Empathy, Listening Skills, and Relationships

The idea of a psychological hug appeals to me.
Monday, July 14th, 2003
4:34 pm
And another Huglink, because I didn't post a link for a couple of days.
And because this is such a great site, even with the music...

Hugs, Hugs, Hugs
3:16 pm
There are 1000 people on lj, at least, who list hugs as an interest.
3:00 pm
Saturday, July 12th, 2003
10:17 am
Today's Huglink:

Send a Virtual Hug to someone you care about. :)
Friday, July 11th, 2003
10:39 am

Welcome to Hug Buddies.
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